Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Glorious Day

Let me just share why I am smiling today... This past weekend, I was treated to a new outfit for work. I picked out a pair of black slacks and black and white long sleeve knit shirt. When I was decided on the size (don't like to try on) I thought I will get a 12 in the pants and a medium shirt. Even if they are a little snug, more motivation to stick with it. So this morning I decided to wear the new outfit. I put on the pants and low and behold... they are too big, way to big!!! So unlike my sister, I don't mind trading things in, so I will do that tonight and get a size 10. So I went to my closet and pick out another pair of pants to wear with the new shirt. When I put the new shirt on, it also is too big. I know it is just a sizing mistake, but seriously I am going to trade for a small. So I am celebrating anyway. May even leave the tag out for everyone to see. Just kidding, sort of.

It couldn't have happened at a better time. I was seriously contemplating eating the whole kitchen on Sunday and then had a hard time again last night. However Burl was great enough to take me out to a nice restaurant where I could enjoy a great salad bar and the most delicious steak with a side of broccoli. So once again I am reminded, why cheat when it is so easy?

I am a little worried about my running regimen this week. I opted to do legs last night, so running is a for sure today. Anyway, the program I am doing has a huge increase in the amount of running from this week to last. So we will see if I can keep up.

Have a great one!


Jodie said...

Cattle Baron?!!? I'm so jealous! I ate half of Landon's cheeseburger minus the bun.

Awesome on the sizes! I have a ton of clothes I should pack up and give you...I don't think I'll ever be able to wear a sweater here.