Thursday, October 9, 2008

Can you pull your butt?

OK, since doing walking lunges the other night and running, I think I have pulled my butt. Seriously, I can't even walk right, or get up from my chair, or kneel down to get something. Makes me want to grunt every time. However, I know that really it is a good sign. If its sore, its tearing down and building up. My abs are sore today too, so another blessing. I was afraid I was not working them out hard enough. I have a hard time pushing myself sometimes. I guess I need to be on Biggest Loser and have Jillian screaming at me. Actually, I did get a new idea from BL last night. Did you see them on the last chance workout with Bob's team, laying on the treadmills and using the handles to pull them up into some sort of pull up/sit up/back bend? Looks hard and good. I am going to try it but without Bob sitting on me of course.

Spent the night with my sister's kids last night while her and the hubby went to the emergency room. (If you don't know, read Jo's blog). After trying to sleep in the chair I decided to get in bed with my niece which was not a wise choice. First of all, she sleeps on top of the covers. No matter how many times I covered her up, there she was smack dab on the top again. Second, she is all over the bed all night. Upside down, sideways, you name it. Third, she grinds her teeth just like her mom, LOUD! Jill got home sometime in the middle of the night. This morning (5 am my time) as she was propped up in the living room, she was using her cell phone to try to wake her husband up in the bedroom. In my sleep induced coma, I heard his cell phone ringing and thought it was mine. Being in strange surroundings, I jumped up, fell on something in the bedroom, ran into the hall and upon realizing where I was and that it was not my phone, went back to bed and never asked what she needed. Some help I am. Probably scared Jill half to death because I am a known sleepwalker. Maybe that contributed to my aforementioned butt problem.

Have you guys heard of the new 4 minute workout machine? Basically you can do either an upper body workout or a lower body workout in just four minutes and keep your metabolism spiked for the rest of the day. My cousin and I saw it advertised in the paper today. The sport medicine doctor in town has one and you can buy a monthly membership. They also have a facility in Clovis with several machines. We called to ask some questions and they said we could come try it for free anytime we would like. I am definitely interested in seeing what this is all about. We asked if we could come in our work clothes or if we would get too sweaty. The guy said that he has a man come in everyday in slacks and tie. However, he is probably in better shape than I am so, I don't know if I want to chance it. Something interesting to think about.


Jodie said...

Had to tell your sleeping story to Bry and Nic - we laughed pretty hard. Good thing you were there to help Jilligan...except the you know helping part. Did she ever get K up? And I totally understand the sleeping with a kid thing...every, single, night.

How's your butt? You probably strained something doing the lunges, better take it easy.

And I would love a 4 minute work out! Tell us how it goes.

fit lil fiddle said...

Oh boy yep you can pull your butt! LOL I did to many weighted squats and lunges and by tush hurt so bad I about cried trying to get off a chair. I hope you are feeling better!

Jillian from biggest loser had some great dvd's where she keeps after you. I really enjoy the 30 day shred.
Keep us informed on the 4 min workout. It sound interesting.