Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Alive!!!!

Yes, I know it has been over a year since I have posted. Everyone has probably taken me off their list of blogs to follow, but oh well.

Here goes the update....

The past year has been interesting.... No dieting, no exercising, no blogging, nothing. Doesn't sound very interesting does it?

Some major changes have happened here recently. First of all, I quit my job. Yes, I know, crazy, but that is me. The husband and I have decided that I can stay home for the summer and still manage to eat and then look for something interesting in the fall. This is so absolutely liberating, it is hard for me to fathom.

Abby had her tonsils out on June 1 so a full week was dedicated to waiting on her hand and foot. She was in a lot of pain at first and was very needy. She stayed with me for the first week of recovery and then went back to the fort. She is improving daily and this is the first week that she is supposed to be able to resume her normal activities.

The other kids have been back and forth for the summer so that has been fun too. One night we decided to have a "drive in movie theater" in our own crazy way. We laid all the seats down in the minivan, watched movies on the tiny screen, and slept there overnight. First we were hot, then cold, then when the sun came out in the morning, we were baking.

Emma will be a freshman this year, so she has athletics almost everyday. Makes it very hard for her to come and stay. She was able to stay the first full week of summer so that was nice. She turned 14 on June 11 and it is hard to imagine where time has gone. Later this summer, she plans to go to her favorite church camp. We will see. I'm a little nervous considering there are a variety of ages, including older boys.

Alex is at a basketball camp in Portales this week. He definitely doesn't take after me. He was excited to go to a BASKETBALL CAMP, where he knows NO ONE. So outgoing. Today is the first day and they are providing lunch. So I won't pick him up until a little after 12, hope it goes well.

My latest adventure was buying a wading pool and a raft for tanning purposes. Laid out on Saturday and enjoyed every minute of it until I came in and realized that I did not get my sunscreen on as good as a thought. Seriously sunburned in some areas! Burl was nice enough to let me know this morning that a feed truck would be coming this afternoon. No swimming for me today. LOL.

I have also taken up quilting. My aunt, cousin, and I took a class in February and I have fallen in love. I just used my $89 sewing machine from Wal-Mart and my quilting frame and enjoy every minute. The first quilt I made was a Simple Simon, then I made an easy baby quilt for my future niece, Mackenzie, and now I am finishing up a pink scrap quilt for Abby's room. Have lots of "next" projects as well.

I have been bottle feeding baby kittens as well. Their mother disappeared one day (most likely a coyote got her.) There were four kittens about 2 weeks old when I took over. One died early on and I have managed to get the others ones to live. They are 6 weeks now, so I am weaning them this week. Two gray and one orange and they are adorable. Not sure I can let them live outside just yet, because I will be devastated if something happens to them.

Later in the summer I am running a concession stand during on of Trevor's baseball tournaments and hopefully going to Jodie's to help out with Mackenzie for a few weeks as well. Hope to have a couple of garage sales if I get my act together. I will try to be better about posting.