Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Last night I went shopping... It honestly looks like Christmas exploded in my living room and kitchen. I have a very small apartment and everything needs to be in its place, or it can be a disaster. So with my tree, it already puts everything out of whack. So I got great gifts for the kids yesterday. The box for Abby's is 4 feet tall. It took more than one roll of wrapping paper to wrap it. So now there is really no extra room. Lots of fun.

I am sure that most people when the start a project, they finish it. Somehow I have like ten Christmas projects going, all at different stages. I would really like to get some of them done, so I can actually feel like I have accomplished something.

I did decide that in my Jana Dream House, I want a craft room with lots of shelfs and work spaces. Right now I have a craft corner and my kitchen table. Lets just say my rubbermaid runneth over. However, all of the projects are good so far, so I will just keep plugging away.

Note for next year: must start early!

Monday, December 1, 2008


I know, I know, I haven't written in forever. Been going through one of those times lately, where it is tough to even function with normal activities. Don't know why I have been so blue lately, may have to get new meds. We will see. It just makes me more sad to think about going back to the doctor for that since I don't have any insurance. Yuck. Anywho...

Started seriously training for the half-marathon in April. Jill devised a specific running plan for me that I am thoroughly enjoying. Never thought I could be one of those people who actually looks forward to tying up the shoes and running. It is a really good release for me and then I always let myself enjoy a steamy soak in the tub. So I love the rewards. On one of the episodes of Biggest Loser, Jillian was telling one of the contestants, to picture her body. So I try to think about that. I picture my body how I want it to look in April and it is great motivation.

I am still running on my treadmill. I would like to take it outside, but I really don't have any gear for that. What do you guys think is absolutely essential for cold weather running?

I am not cracking. I just decided that it wasn't something I could stick with. My plan is to just eat healthy! Thought about counting calories, but I don't want to have to always be thinking about that. So after I indulged all weekend, I am just planning on eating sensibly. Enjoy more fruits and veggies and go from there. We will see where it gets me.

I just watched Bridget Jones' Diary for the first time last night. It was on tv and I stayed up til midnight watching. It really cracked me up. Need more movies like that. Hope everyone has a great week!