Wednesday, October 8, 2008

From one day to the next

As Jo and Jill well know, I was a little disappointed with my results as of Monday. I have lost 7lbs and 7 inches in three weeks. However, let me point out that six of the seven pounds were lost in the first week. So I was a little less than motivated to start the week off. However.... I still am cracking, haven't even fallen through a single crack. Still running and doing my resistance bands. So here is the good news....

This morning while I was evaluating my efforts (which entails me standing in front of the mirror with only my bra and undies on for about 5 minutes) I actually felt good about my image. Yes, I have stretch marks, thanks Emma, Alex, and Abby, yes, I still have my "momma belly", yes I still have those darn "mini boobs" under my arms, yes my thunder thighs are still rolling, but... everything is getting better! Mini boobs are now maybe an A cup lol, stretch marks no longer look like the grand canyon, momma belly looks like I am only 3 months along (no I am not even pregnant), and my thunder thighs are moving into the distance where you can just faintly hear them.

Just wanted to say thank you for all the encouragement. I feel great and now am seeing that feeling reflecting in the mirror. So in hindsight, don't get too discouraged one day, because the next day is bound to be better.


Jodie said...

I hate the scales. And as much as looking in the mirror is that fun is nice to see a change happening.

Marcy said...

I know this is kinda messed up but I actually dig my belly LMAO. If I lost anymore weight it would just be loose flesh hanging off :-X