Friday, October 3, 2008

Don't you get hungry?

Last night was another one of Emma's volleyball games. This time Burl was fed up with his boss and told him he needed to be at a volleyball game in Fort Sumner. I think his boss was so shocked he let him go! FYI, Burl usually works for this guy until dark and we left at 3:15. Anyway, it made my day to have him with me in the town that I am always afraid will have stones to throw at me. (If you don't know, then great, and believe me I hope you never do!) This time she was playing Dora which has a 7th and an 8th grade team... And she got to play with the 8th graders too! The 7th grade won but the 8th grade lost. She played well for 3 matches and not so well for one. During the game, Abby was sitting with us. She first started with a slim jim, then taffy, then peppermints. She offered me a bite of each and I reminded her that I was on a diet, to which she replied, "Don't you ever get hungry?"

That actually got me thinking... On this diet, I am never really hungry. I follow the plan and eat when I am supposed to, and no I am never really hungry. Don't get me wrong, I am ready for the next meal, but I am never starving!!! It was a great revelation to realize that I am loving my body and not torturing myself at the same time. I have also noticed that my stomach must be adapting because there have been several times when I don't even finish my meal. Plus, one of the "angry mob" from the fort commented on how great I was looking! Besides Burl, she is the first person who has said anything. Almost made my day until she threw in an thinly veiled insult too. Oh well, I just had a flash of pegging her in the face with a volleyball, but decided I better not. lol

Last night was my second night to run. I did listen to some tunes and that helped. Here our radio stinks, but at night they have the "hip hop hizzy". So I got to run to some great gangsta songs. As I look at the blank wall as a run I try to set my mind on my running goals. I would really like to be able to do the half marathon in Oklahoma City this April. However, I just can't imagine at this point being able to run that far. But it was so inspiring last year to see the fam cross the finish line. So we will just have to see. Hopefully I can stay motivated!


Jodie said...

So true about the hunger. We were just talking about that today. I love not counting down hours til the next "food" time.

Yay for Emma. Wish we could see more games.

OKC is a great goal. Its quite a ways out though. You should see if there's some runs in Roswell anytime soon.

Jilligan said...

I was just telling Kip that I hadn't been finishing my lunch. And we went to Leal's tonight and the chips didn't even appeal to me. What are you having for D day?

fit little fiddle said...

Congrats on people noticing!!! I notice I am never ravenous as long as I eat on schedule. Keep up the great job!

Mel said...

Glad it is going well. I think OKC would be a great goal for you. Always nice to have family there to do it with you.