Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Afternoons

What happened to all the projects that I was going to get done today??? Oh ya, a nap. A long, wonderful, refreshing nap. I still am managing to get some projects done tonight, they were just on a delay.

In some ways, I love Sundays, and in other ways, I dread them. I love spending time with my husband, relaxing, getting laundry done. I hate that it means another week of work starts tomorrow. )-:

So now here I am, drinking a cup of Yerba Mate tea, taking a break from making running cuffs (which I think I figured out), and about to make some cookies for friends at work. What kind of cookies, you ask? Sugar cookies to remember Breast Cancer awareness month. Yes, I am making boob cookies. I think it will be a nice treat for a Monday morning and get a good laugh. I can't believe I can make cookies and not be the least bit tempted!

Loved church this morning. The sermons are always so useful and applicable to everyday living. A great pep rally for the week. Lunch at the truck stop with the husband and mother-in-law, also very nice. The mother-in-law gave me a beautiful maxi dress for the Aruba trip. So pretty, just need shoes to go with it.

Also got all my meat grilled for the week. That way I only have to clean the Foreman once and lunch and dinner choices are easy to make. The husband even ate chicken without complaining. lol. Hard to do for a beef man.

Busy week this week... Volleyball, football, sewing projects, work, trying to include exercise in this new lifestyle, and kids this weekend. Also it is ENMU's homecoming parade and the son's game conflicts with it. Think it is the second time in my whole life to miss it. Life goes on.

Have a great week!