Saturday, October 1, 2011

Here I Am!

Wow, it has been a long time. Good thing this doesn't get shut down for non-use. What's new with me? I am trying to make some positive changes in my life. I known for 3 years that I needed to do something about my weight. After trying and failing at several attempts to lose weight I have finally found something that is working for me. All of my family and friends have been so supportive and that makes it easier too. I have been dieting 15 days and have lost 12.8 pounds. It is amazing to see the weight falling off. Today I even wore some capri's that I haven't been able to wear all summer. What a nice boost!

I have also quit drinking Diet Dr. Peppers. That may not sound like much to most people, but I drank them instead of water. I would go three weeks without taking a sip of water. It's is crazy I know but it was my lifestyle. I quit them cold turkey the same day I started the diet and feel incredible. Still drinking coffee, tea, but also just plain water. Plus, I am remembering my love for hot tea. Can't wait for the weather to get and stay cold to make it even more enjoyable.

In November, my whole office is getting rewarded with a trip to Aruba! Yes, Aruba. I can't even believe it myself sometimes. We worked hard to meet the goals each month and we are getting to go on an all inclusive trip. I have never been anywhere like this my whole life, so saying that I am excited is an understatement. Can't wait to go, explore, shop, and relax with my great friends from work. (Yes, a bathing suit on the beach was the wake up call for the diet!)

I recently got a new dog, against the husband's wishes. lol. Her name is Dixie, she is a chi-poodle. Half chihuahua, half poodle, and full adorable. Although my husband always plays the tough guy, every dog becomes his best friend. I have had many dogs and I believe she is the smartest ever.

All my life I have always wanted a blue roan horse. Lately, begging my husband for one has commenced full force. We started looking for one and hadn't found anything suitable, i.e. affordable. I mentioned a colt that I see on the way to work everyday and...... he got it for me!!!!! It is the most beautiful horse. He is still with his mama, but should be weaned either this month or next. I have already named him Beauregarde. Who knows why? I won't be able to ride him for a couple of years, but can't wait to start spoiling him and getting him used to me right away.

Yesterday, I bought a new car!!!! I have driven the same car for the last 4.5 years. It wasn't a car that I wanted but I car that I could afford at the time. The plan was for my oldest daughter to drive it when she got her license, but she didn't want it either. I think that had more to do with it being a standard more than anything else. Anywho, we bought her a used pickup a month ago that she fell in love with. Then my husband got a new beautiful pickup and I guess I was feeling left out. Once I found out that I wasn't upside down on my car it was a race to trade it in. I chose a Jeep Compass. The most adorable mini-SUV that had all the features I have always wanted. I absolutely love it.

As I was driving it home, I realized one thing.... I am so blessed. I have a wonderful husband, great children, a beautiful home, vehicles that work, an awesome job, fantastic friends, and an overall wonderful life. It is time I started appreciating it!