Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I am loving all of this new-found energy! I used to take a nap almost everday after work. Not a 30 minute power nap, more like a 3 hour slumber. Now that I am eating right and drinking water, I just feel so much better. It is amazing what you can get done in 3 hours instead of napping. I even exercised today for the first time since the start of this diet. Loved the cooler weather. Only walked a mile, but a start is a start. Hoping for a repeat tomorrow.

People are starting to notice that I have slimmed down. Can't wait for a major change. Now people are asking me more about what I am doing. There is only 28 more days until Aruba, so hoping the scale likes me tomorrow. Getting a little frustrated with the plateau.

Speaking of tomorrow, lots of good things happening. Our consultant, Patti, will be at the office. That means half a day of her observing and half a day of meeting and improvements. She is such a great person and always leaves me uplifted and excited about work. Plus she is a quilter too and we always get to talk a little about that too.

Then tomorrow night, long time family friends will be here for the night on a short break from a road trip. Can't wait to see them even if it is only for a few hours before and after sleeping.

Got my nails done, hair dyed, sheets washed, etc. Tomorrow before they get here I am hoping to get a cute Vixen Volleyball project done. We will see how that goes. Have a lovely Wednesday!!!


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