Saturday, February 28, 2009


I got in four miles today, but i am experiencing serious pain. The other night after the battle of the dogs, my husband and i went to walmart and I could barely walk due to severe pain in my right foot. It was gone by the morning, so I figured, no big deal. Today not too far into my run, there the pain came again, but much more severe. I still managed four miles, but it is killing me tonight. I iced it so we will see how it goes. It is from the outside of my right foot all the way to my ankle. Tomorrow is our big run, so we will see.

I did enjoy the run a little bit more tonight because my youngest two and my husband, who only wears boots, started with me. They made it through the walking warmup and one and a half minutes of running. Still made me happy. I requested my ear warmer, so later down the road my daughter and husband met me with that and some water. By the way, my five year old was steering the pickup. Too funny. She got out and ran three more cycles with me and then they drove beside me for a little while longer. On the last stretch, a man on his horse met up with me and let his dog run with me for a few minutes. The dog is awesome, so it was a nice treat. All the joys of country life I guess.

We had a pretty good day. The five year old went to do chores with the hubby and loves every minute of it. Especially the driving part. She said tonight, I love him, he's the greatest. It makes it all worth it.

However, the ex tonight is a different story and is being a complete A__. He can go through periods where everything is great and then low and behold, there he is the same irrational man that I divorced three years ago. It makes me so mad, that he has the ability to ruin my day and will for at least the next thirteen years.


Jodie said...

How's your foot? How long are you in the boot?