Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let me quickly catch you up on my running. Jill was able to drag me along for 6 miles. We went on one of the major highways so we could make a pit stop for water and bathrooms if need be. My husband was terrified that we would get run over or kidnapped or both maybe, but we made it back safely. I begged Jill to walk more than we used to and somehow I made it through. One good thing about the highway is that several of our family members passed and offered lots of encouragement. Later that night and the next day I was definately feeling the run. I can't remember ever being so sore. I seriously had to pick my legs up just to get my undies on. It was seriously sad.

Tonight Jill came back to town and offered to run with me again. We only needed to do three miles and since her ipod was dead, we went out on the road from my mothers on a course that she had measured. Let me just say, we will never run that course again!!! It was a mile and a half, so the plan was to run up and back. The way up was going along okay (except me wanting to die!) when low and behold we came up on our first aggressive dog for the night. Seriously, scary, foaming at the mouth, barking, running beast! We both started yelling and while Jill distracted him, I picked up rocks and threw them as best as I could. (a trick I learned long ago from Sandy). We were able to escape but we knew we would be passing by him on the trip back. When we got close again, I stopped to pick up the largest rocks I could find. I gave one to Jill which she said felt more like a shotput. So here we are running with these boulders, when we decide to arm ourselves with some empty beer bottles laying around. By the time we got close to the beast, we had a whole arsenal of weapons. We lucked out and the owner was outside, so Jill yelled from afar a request for him to hold him. With much effort the man did, so we threw down our weapons. Thought we would have smooth sailing on the way back, but all the dogs must have conspired together. On the trip back, we met up with TWELVE dogs. About half were rabid and half were friendly. Needless to say, it got the adrenaline pumping.

Ah, how relaxing running can be. LOL!


Jodie said...

Good thing Jill's stalker wasn't following you. He might have a reason to arrest you if he saw you with all the empty beer bottles and rocks you were carrying.

I'm glad you're getting to run a few together...I know that always makes it easier (well, not easier, but at least you're sharing the pain.0